If you are having Fever please DO NOT come to the clinic. 

Call 903 596-0602 so we can assist you and give you proper guidance.  A Medical provider will determine if you qualify for outpatient / clinic COVID 19 testing. 

If you are experiencing more life threatening symptoms such as chest pain, stroke like symptoms or breathing problems; go to an ER, and if able, call to inform them of your impending arrival and condition. 


We are prepared for you; we are here and committed to your wellness. 

We have spaced out our patient appointments for you to be able to social distance yourself away from others in the clinic. 

Telehealth visits (Deductible applies) are available for some follow up / routine care and some acute issues at the discretion of your Medical Provider.  Please call the office to inquire if you qualify. 

 We request that you keep your clinic appointments for your yearly wellness exams and labs. 

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