…Is it your desire to be well?

Is the question Jesus asked the infirmed, disabled man at the pool at Bethesda. We quote the scripture because of our faith and we believe the Great Teacher was teaching us a lesson on how to manage through our personal challenges despite the conditions around us.

The Great Teacher provided several instructions to the infirmed, disabled man, which implies that we have a part to play in improving our own condition.

We believe that if you are compliant and doing your part to improve your own condition, it is the role of the Healthcare Providers of Willow Wellness to assist you as much as we possibly can.

Internal Medicine Physicians, also called Internists, generally take care of patients age 14 and up (the starting age can vary by practice). They are trained and board-certified in the understanding of the internal organs of the adult body. Some internal medicine and family medicine physicians also can provide care that you might not expect, like routine gynecologic care, dermatology and sports medicine.

C.N.P. – A Certified Nurse Practitioner is a registered nurse (R.N.) who has received additional training to provide more care under the supervision of a doctor. A C.N.P. is licensed to perform physician examinations, diagnose and treat health problems such as infections and injuries, order and interpret diagnostic tests, prescribe medications, provide prenatal care and family planning, provide well childcare, and more.

M.A. – A Medical Assistant has completed a one- or two-year program and may perform many medical activities, such as taking your blood pressure, giving you medication and refilling prescriptions.

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